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The Importance Of Creating an Email Marketing Newsletter (Day 47 – My 90 Day Challenge)




What is Email Marketing?


When I first start marketing online, I briefly tried creating a email news letter but I have absolutely no clue on what to do. This is when I came across Michael Rasmussen course email secrets exposed. It then gave me a clear picture of how to formulate my news letter to my liking’s. However, even after doing this I totally sucked at sending out emails, so I got a very low click through and open rate. So I put email marketing in the closet for a while.

what is email marketing2011 Came around and I came across Daegan Smith, I joined his news letter and I saw just how real he was. He wasn’t trying to portray anything he wasn’t, everything he sent out was pure value. I mean you could probably pay this guy to email you daily with how much value he gave out. This clicked a bright light in me and I soon figured out how I was supposed to portray my purpose in marketing. I was real, I told my story, i related my marketing with my experiences which eventually led me down a path of been transparent and open to sharing my life’s experiences. The news letter allowed me to brand my self. Not only did it brand me, but it helped me understand how important it is to communicate with your list just like you would with your friends.

Email Marketing Will Help You Build A Brand Online

My email list grew and grew and I finally understood how email marketing worked properly. And today its true, the money is in the list. If you learn how to maintain your list properly, provide value, share your story, story tell, give give and give some more, your readers will be loyal and want to stick around more and more.

What is Your Why and The Legacy You Are Leaving Behind? (day 46 – My 90 Day Challenge)




What Is Your Purpose or Why For Internet Marketing?


Everyone has a why for marketing. What is your why, why do you do what you do right now today? For me, its for my children, its for my family, its for the seeds that I planted and want to so badly do what is right by helping these children become the leaders of tomorrow. When I die, I will leave a legacy for my children to follow, to strive for, a path they can use to help them identify there own path and purpose in life.

what is your purpose for internet marketingI harder I work does not mean the more effective I will be. These days I have found, the smarter I work, the better off my business will be. I have two kids now, so I have to be smarter each day. I always have to be on top of my game because when these kids grow up, it will be harder and it will require more work on my part. Today my why has grown and evolved in my marketing. This is why I am successful at what I do. I do it for my kids and all the kids around the world!

Be Transparent and Honest In Your Marketing (Day 45 – My 90 Day Challenge)




Are you Transparent And Honest About Your Business?


Who do you think you are? LOl No, really if your not making a killing in our industry dont make claims, it will do nothing for your credibility nor will it prove anything other than your a fraud and a fake. If you truly want to attract people into your network and downlines, then produce, work and grind. Work so bloody hard that your marketing is forced to change and repay you for the amount of effort you put in. 

how to become transparentAfter you have worked your ass off, work some more, and after you have worked even harder, go into overdrive and work even harder. Eventually you are gonna get the hang of this and be able to work smarter rather than harder and be able to put your traffic generators into autopilot without breaking a sweat. But whatever you do, do not make claims. Be honest and transparent about you and your self. If you do believe in your self, then do not goto someone claiming you can help them make $100k in a month then get mad at them for calling you out on your BS.

Good luck and be real with your marketing.

Faqada Marketing Review – Faqada Marketing Group



My 100% Biased Faqada Marketing Review


It’s true, I am not only writing this article to give you the legitimate information you were searching for, but I am also doing it to persuade you to join my team so I can mentor for you. Hows that for transparency :)

What Is Faqada Marketing Group?


faqada1Faqada Marketing Group is a lead generation training platform that helps people learn how to generate leads using social media and other means of advertising for peoples primary businesses.   Here at Faqada we highly condone you sticking with your primary company. Why you ask? Because this is not just about making money with our affiliate program, actually it is far from it. We want you to become a super star in your own company using our lead generation training methods. 

What Kind Lead Generation Training Do We Offer?

 We teach cutting edge lead generation training using:

  • Facebook attraction marketing
  • How to target market your industry using facebook marketing
  • How to generate leads with youtube
  • How to create effective youtube videos that get results
  • How to generate leads using twitter
  • How to blog effectively to draw attention to your business opportunities
  • How to close sales for any product, service or industry you want to promote

These are only a small portion of what we offer, there is already, over 30 hours of training at your disposal which can be accessed in the back office archives. 

Faqada Marketing Compensation Plan


  1. Its one of the easiest compensation plans in our industry.  There are no complicated formulas or shares or anything.  You earn up to 4 ways:
  2. Direct sales and referrals earns your 90% commission upfront paid weekly
  3. Reoccurring membership fees on your direct referrals
  4. Everyone is required to qualify to earn 90% commission so the first sale goes to your sponsor, then you earn 90% commission on all your personal referrals including the passups of your personal referrals

faqada marketing

We teach live interactive training 5 days a week, more than any other company in the world!  

How much does faqada cost to get training 5 days a week? Only $50 per month. That’s it!  But here’s the best part, I built a system around Faqada that allows you to earn as much as $250 per referral Utilizing two other income streams that are very cost effective, $10 and $8 per month. So to earn as much as $250 per referral, your monthly cost will be only $68 per month. Insane if you ask me. To find out more about this powerful system I put together for you, go here.

 Click On Button To Join Faqadajoin faqada

How to Create a Product For Internet Marketing (Day 44 – My 90 Day Challenge)




How to Create a Product For Internet Marketing


Creating a product is one of the easiest things you could do. I had serious misconceptions of what it takes to be a real marketer online, one of them was that I needed to create a product which was not necessary. I realized that product creation was the least of anyone’s worries especially since we have affiliate programs. 

how to create a productHowever as I got more and more experience from internet marketing, I found out that anyone can create a product and actually your probably an excellent product creator with the fact that you have so much content created already utilizing your life’s experiences. 

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