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Get your very own power packed automated referral system that generates you 22+ income streams without you selling not one single thing! The 5 Minute Mogul System is a powerful tool built for lead generation. And funnels your leads into multiple streams of income by referring people to multiple programs without you selling any of the income streams.

This 5 Minute Mogul Review will reveal a couple things to you that in my mind are crucial for your success in any home business or mlm program.


 5 Minute Mogul Review For Automated Marketing Systems


Who built the 5 Minute Mogul System? A great marketer named Kimball Roundy, the owner of the deceased Spider Web System. The 5 Minute Mogul Game is actually based around the principle of Monopoly, the board game. Only the spots you will be working on owning will be based on social media and different income streams.

Where the the spiderweb system failed, I am 100% sure the 5 Minute Mogul Review will prosper. I was one of5 minute mogul the original users of the spiderweb system back when only about 3000 users had joined Kimball Roundys System. And I have to say, the actual spiderweb system was amazing but it lacked a great deal of training and support. This is where Kimball Roundy has corrected that flaw in this last system by offering a lot more value even at the free 5 minute mogul membership level.

The problem with offering free systems, is you get alot of dead beat leads that don’t convert into buyers. Lots of people will tell you this, but that’s the point of having optional upgrades to systems. If you get the leads in, then allow the system to filter out your tire kickers and convert your real high quality leads into buyers, you can then focus all your energy’s into helping or giving your new teammates the tools and training they truly need to succeed.

The 5 Minute Mogul Review Is About Powerful Lead Generation!

Check out my Video below so I can give you a couple tips on what you can expect with the FREE Version of the 5 minute mogul system and also with the paid version. Please note the webinar is over an hour long.


Ever since I was 15 years old I have been taken care of my self, feeding and clothing my self because my father was never around and my mother was strung out on drugs. So trust me when I say, “I know how to survive and be resourceful!” I am a successful self taught internet marketer.

Not only will the 5 minute mogul system help you succeed through they’re training, but through my resources and ability to automate my business on my own, you will get the same secrets I use! This is not a bribe, but a fact. I want you to succeed. I know when you succeed, its for one, helping you secure a proper consistent income online and two, helps both of us with our branding and business ventures. I’m successful when your successful.

If your reading this article before the actual launch of Jan 1st 2012, then you are lucky to have come across this article. This 5 Minute Mogul Review is offering you an amazing opportunity to get a life time mebership with the 5 Minute Mogul System, right beside me. And in return for locking in your life time beta pre launch membership through me, I will  most definitely help you succeed and give you many bonuses, most importantly my complete traffic and lead generation techniques for free which I would normally sell for $27.97.

Email me and let me know you are a paid member of the 5 minute mogul system and have upgraded from a free membership. Once you upgrade I will still give you my complete course.

I have just under 4 years experience online and have made some powerful accomplishments in the process. Here are just a few to give you an outline of what my abilities presently are.

I have…

  • Generated over 13000 targeted double optin leads online
  • Recruited more than 300 people into one of my primary businesses
  • Generated a record 900 leads in 12 days from one resource only (until it was saturated)
  • Ran my own membership and training website with under 400 members
  • Created my own personal marketing system
  • did a record $3200 in upfront commissions within 12 days time  from the 900 leads
  • Mastered SEO blogging and traffic generation
  • Mastered youtube marketing and youtube view generation ( I own my own traffic network)
  • Mastered video marketing and SEO for videos
  • Can provide you with instant leads and traffic for your 5 minute mogul business.

By joining my team you will fast track your way to success all while saving thousands of dollars in software’s and training by getting them for FREE! You will also get  free copy of my own product InstantlyPowerful that reveals some powerful knowledge about automating your promotions needs through blogging. Hit me up on skype (the7figuremarketer) if you have any questions.

Join the 5 Minute Mogul today and make money online today!

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Gene Wolff

Gene Wolff is a 5 year internet marketing vet. He has made a shit load of money online and in that time gained mass amounts of wisdom and wealth most importantly expereince. If you would like to work with gene, then visit his personal marketing system

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  • obenyathi@gmail.com'


    Reply Reply July 3, 2012

    Good day, You do not state the costs for joining after the 1st Jan 2012 or I missed it. please kindly send me more info as this sounds exciting but I need to make a sound decision based info I can verify.

    • Gene

      Reply Reply July 4, 2012

      Right now, you cant upgrade for lifetime membership. If you like though I can ask Kimball Roundy personally, i have him on my skype. I need to update the article sorry for after jan.1 upgrades.

      Add me on skype if you like and we can talk.. my username is (the7figuremarketer)


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