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FBPostMagic Review  has got to be the most powerful Facebook tool i have ever come across and purchased.

Since the dark ages of marketing did I ever dream to be able to
generate live Facebook NEWS FEED optins. I mean literally been able to generate actual email optins from the news feed of facebook.

This is unheard of. Not only is FBPostMagic one of its kind, but I can guarantee you will see a swarm of duplicate wannabes hit the internet trying to do what this FBMagic Post Review does.


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Fb Post Magic Can Collect Email From Your News Feed!

fbpostmagic Why is this tool so necessary and important to your arsenal of marketing. Its simple, I bet you spend at least 2-3 hours a day on Facebook hanging around, posting updates and snooping into other peoples lives. (laugh out loud)

We all do. But in this time while we spending so much time on this god forsaken website, are we collecting emails and leads while doing it. Well sometimes we are, but for the most part no, we post 80% of status updates with getting any benefit out of it. Now imagine been able to use FB Post Magic to post videos about anything you want, then submit an optin form right under the video. This ridiculous  Even just putting it there without any real reason is a good idea, because your building a list of cold buyers who could possibly join your business or purchase your product or services.

FbPostMagic Review Will Give You A Bonus!

Check out some of the feature fb magic post offers you.

  •  get a backoffice cpanel
  •  create on the fly custom facebook optin posts
  •  integrate with all major autoresponder companies
  •  delayed call to action
  •  multiple templates
  •  goto webinar integration
  •  Redirect to Any Website
  •  Flash & HTML5 For Desktop and Mobile Viewing
  •  Full Customization
  •  Full Stats & Tracking
  •  Advanced Analytic’s
  •  Reliable Support
  •  Easy to Follow Training & Tutorials

Just tell the software where you want your friends to be taken after they optin or click your call to action button in your posts! No matter what device your friends are viewing your posts on, with our software, you can be rest assured they will receive the best viewing experience based on their device.

Buy Facebook Post Magic 

Add your own title, subtitle, videos, graphics, optin forms, and call to action buttons. Make your message match your brand and or product offering! You will have access to crucial analytics for your posts such as total number of views, likes and or shares. Know at what point in your video your friends or fans are taking ACTION. View the city, state and country of all of your post viewers and more.

We have a reliable, English speaking support staff available to answer your questions usually within 24-48 hours. If you need to know more about how to use any of our features, you can follow our easy to understand tutorial videos.

Get fbpostmagic bonus today while it still last. Become a lifetime affiliate during prelaunch and I will promote one of your videos sending as much as 50,000 youtube views for free to your video to help it get ranked. (value $200)

Comes with free likes and comments for your video.

This bonus can be split between 5 videos with a minimum of 10,000 youtube views each and 10 comments.  i can bet you are extremely happy you found my fbpostmagic review and bonus.  Because providing value is what I do best. 

to your success,

Gene Wolff

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