Global Domains International Inc Scam Review

Global Domains International Review – Est. 1999

This power packed feature rich Make Money Online opportunity still remains one of the best network marketing programs online today. If your doing your research and looking for a honest Global Domains International Review, then you have come to the right place.

I have been involved with Global Domains Int just under 4 years. Since 2008, and believe me when I say, it was not an easy journey to getting where I am today. Global Domains International was the first business I joined and still remains a great service I use andglobal domains international review promote. The reason behind my long time loyalty is the quality of products that come with the GDI package. For me, GDI has been a great stepping stone into the right direction. I built many powerful skill sets that have allowed me to venture out into different industry’s such as Online Consulting.

Before I go into more of what I experienced I want to give you an complete overview of what type of tools you get when you take the 7 day free trial and become a full paying member with Global Domains International Review. Below I have created a virtual tour of GDI for you. Enjoy. 

Global Domains International Review – Presentation

A complete home business online for the price of a full meal deal at Mc Donalds. This is what you can get by simply taking the 7 day free trial. I have been in many programs and GDI is still the best for value.  The best part about GDI is your not locked in forever. You can cancel anytime and still get some powerful training for FREE.

I have been with Global Domains International Review For almost 4 Years!

When I look back at my Internet Marketing career, it just amazes me to think I am still with this program. I have learned so much yet I am still addicted to the GDI wave.  Which is the reason behind this Global Domains International Review.

If your serious about joining GDI, and want to check out the GDI’s actual Global Domains International Review video, click play on the video below and sit back and get some pop corn.

If you have any questions about my Global Domains International Review or about how I can help you, please add me on skype or shoot me an email askgenegenewolff (at)

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Gene Wolff

Gene Wolff is a 5 year internet marketing vet. He has made a shit load of money online and in that time gained mass amounts of wisdom and wealth most importantly expereince. If you would like to work with gene, then visit his personal marketing system

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    Reply Reply January 20, 2012

    I´m in GDI too for a long time, but…

    what´s the sense of a program where everyone quits…?!

    I love internet marketing and network marketing, but GDI wasn´t the right place to be for me. I changed over to GVO and really felt the power of an astonishing product and active people in my Downline, some of them are in the monthly Leaderboards since long time!

    Just have a look at our new product (Link)

    all my best


    • Gene

      Reply Reply January 20, 2012

      Yea I agree, but the reason behind people quitting is lack of training and “knowing what to do”. This usually is the factor of having a inexperienced sponsor. I for one have over 4 years experience in Internet Marketing and offer some invaluable training to people through automation and building the proper skillsets.

      Not only are people able to build these skillsets for there GDI business, but they can also use those skillsets as consultants, things that I teach my teams.

      But I agree Host Then Profit is an amazing business system, I too am in the system, read my review here on Host Then Profits


    Mike Bogdon

    Reply Reply June 24, 2012

    Gene, the reason people could fail at GDI is that they do not take advantage of all the GDI tools. If you do not prospect and use the invite system, you will fail. If you do not hand out business cards with your replicated site or website url, you could fail, etc. Use the tools!

    Mike Bogdon


    varalika gupta

    Reply Reply September 14, 2012

    Hi Johannes,

    can you pls explain what kind of work we have to do online to get paid for …


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