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The fifty five year old company often gets the common question asked, “is Shaklee a scam?”. No matter how powerful the hype echoes, or how great people say the product or business is, its in your best interest to always do your du-diligence. 

Here I will reveal whether or not this company is legit or something we can just throw in the closet for another rainy day.

Shaklee is based out of Pleasanton, CA which manufactures assorted lines of products made of organic well being and environmentally friendly nutrition. They have high quality vitamins and supplements, cellular anti-aging, all-natural fat loss, skin care, and biodegradable cleaning concentrates.shaklee

They were also reportadly ranked as the #1 all-natural nutrition company in the United States of America when tracking sales volume. Rumors have also said that they are the 1st “Climate Neutral” product line that offsets their CO2 emissions with zero net impact on the earths atmosphere). Shaklee has proven to many companies around the world that you can make money in large amounts while providing a positive climate effective product.

Shaklee’s historical factors

The company founded in nineteen fifty six by Dr. Forrest Shaklee. He spent more than forty years developing powerful vitamins and minerals that promote well being and a healthy lifestyle.

With the high grade of products been manufactured daily, they then integrated a powerful business model to spread the word of the Shaklee name. 

In 2004, was purchased and taken over by billionaire investor , Roger Barnett who then gave the business a complete paradigm shift into popular fame. They were featured on popular shows like “The Rachel Ray Show” and on “Oprahs” favorites things. So now that you have a clean and pure outlook on where Shaklee has derived and flourished, let take a further look into the question..


Does this company has a history of scamming Shaklee distributors?

Most times when you come across people yelling the SCAM word, you often find out these people were past distributors themselves whom has zero training and skillsets in generating leads or traffic to their affiliate websites. Most of the times these companys dont do much for training or team building within the organization because they are more focused on manufacturing the highest grade of product possible.

I do alot of research online reviewing many businesses that use the MLM or network marketing structure to virally spread the product lines. And most of the time, they never offer any advanced training for dominating the internet. The common advice these businesses give is, “have a product party, or bug your friends and family”.  this in turn helps no one become a mass distributor of the product. It only targets a small volume of potential clients which in turns forces the distributor to quit and start screaming SCAM.

Please note I am not a Shaklee Destributor I am only giving an 100% unbinased Shaklee Reviews.

I went a little further into my research searching around the BBB, and came to a happy conclusion that shaklee has a A+ rating.

Here are a couple notable accomplishments you can credit Shaklee for:

  • Shaklee has been in business for more than 50 years.
  • They provide a actual, tangible items and is even the official nutrition sponsor with the US Olympic Ski Team.
  • Shaklee goods are employed by NASA and have even been endorsed by individuals like Rachael Ray and Oprah

They’re also shared across 7 nations all over the globe and have spent more than $250 Million on research and development of the products. 

Shaklee Scam? .. “absolutely not!”

I have come to the conclusion you can make money online with shaklee, BUT! to become an effective Shaklee distributor, you must hone the skills of the internet. The old recruiting days of friends and party’s shortly last for any real effectiveness should you want to create a real full time income. With that said, people need to create powerful skill sets that set them apart from the common recruiter. This is why I have created my Instantly Powerful Boot Camp that can without a doubt in my mind share a couple lead generation and traffic methods with you to close more sales and target a larger audience. Check out my boot camp here for FREE.

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    Hello, I log on to your blogs daily. Your writing style is awesome, keep up the good work!


    Daryl Spetz

    Reply Reply June 9, 2014

    Shaklee is not a scam they have been in business for 58 years and there products do work i’m a member with Shaklee as a distributor thanks for posting this up so people can see it a review it.

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